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US History

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World History

World History is the study of physical, economic and cultural features of people, place and environment.  Utilizing the tools of geography, students will acquire essential geographic knowledge and concepts while developing thinking and information acquisition skills.  That will cultivate a local-to-global perspective and the opportunity to study and compare societies (Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America).  It is a requirement for graduation from LCHS.

British Literature

Students will know and will have an appreciation for what constitutes good literature when they complete their senior level English course. The literature studied and analyzed comes from various writers and literary periods of British literature from the Middle Ages to the Modern Period (450-present). Students learn how to evaluate a writer’s style and technique and to write about it in evaluative and analytical writing. Students continue to gain writing experience using the 6 traits and various writing types. Vocabulary building with the classical roots continues through this course. This course also continues instruction in the basic speech communication and presentation of various types of speeches including informative, persuasive, impromptu, […]

American Literature

Students explore and analyze how America’s history affected its literature as they follow the chronological presentation of American literature in this course from early 1600’s to present. Students continue to gain experience in writing using the 6 traits for development and evaluation of their writing pieces, as well as writing in various writing genres. With the writing is a review of grammar as it relates to the editing of students’ work. Vocabulary building is a part of the course throughout the year, focusing on classical roots. Students complete a detailed reading and study of one Shakespeare play as well as one novel by an American author. Students also continue reciving […]

English 10

This course gives our students experience in several types of writing using the 6 writing traits for development and evaluation (ideas/content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions). Students also learn to recognize the elements of literature such as imaginative comparison, sound and syntax, thought and theme, allusion, symbol, and irony. Literature study also includes forms such as biography, short fiction, lyric poetry, drama, and personal essay, with detailed reading and study of at least one selected nove. Grammer is an integral part of this course with special, emphasis placed on correct sentence structure and noun and verb functions, including verbals. This course also includes vocabulary building and basics […]

English 9

Freshman English includes a basic introduction to literature and writing along with vocabulary development, speech, and a review of grammar and punctuation skills. Using the Writer’s INC. Student Handbook, students are introduced to the process, forms, and tools of writing. Using the Christian text Fundamentals of Literature the students study the basics of literature – conflict, character, theme, structure, point of view, and moral tone. Both fiction and nonfiction writing will be required along with public speaking.


Full course information is coming soon.

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