Volume 13, Issue 11 | February 12, 2016

Lyle Wall Lives On Homestead As Third Generation Farmer By: Monica Brown

Unrau Family Migrates To Lustre By: Teagan Friesen

Lions Defeat Wolves By: Jacques Ndengeyingoma

Frazer Fights Back By: Mackenzie Teichroew

Lions Face Off Against Frazer Bearcubs By: Evan Bartel

Lady Lions Challenge Lady Wolves By: Ernest Uy

Lions Fight For Victory By: Emily Eggar

Lady Lions Lose To Lady Spartans By: Joyce Li

Knight, Chivalry, Horseman By: Teagan Friesen

Holocaust Survivors Tell Their Stories By: McKaylah Lenihan

Who Did It? By: Allie Petschke

Senior Star Monica Brown By: Katie Byoun

Schmeckfest Committees