Ways to Love the LCHS Dorm:

1. Pray for us by name.

It’s been said that “prayer moves the hand of God, and the hand of God moves the world.” Please pray God’s hand would move in our world.


2. Write the students encouraging notes.

Remind them that they are awesomely made, incredibly loved, warmly welcomed, and to just be who they are in this community. “Grace to be and room to become.” Written words mean SO MUCH!

 encourage students

3. Invite the crew over to your home.

While some families are great at hosting our large crew, we know it can be overwhelming. Would you consider hosting the guys or girls separately? It sure is a sweet thing to have others in the community intentionally welcoming our group into their homes and lives. “It takes a village to raise a [teenager].” You have a special place in these student’s lives that the Dorm Staff don’t have because of their unique position and title. We need each other!

4. Food!

We are always blessed by extra food dropped off, whether that’s a pan of brownies or garden vegetables. We’re always so grateful!

5. Allow us to teach you something new.

All of us come from very different, unique backgrounds. These students know things about the world that this community could benefit from hugely. What a gift to learn from them! Also, please allow us room to make mistakes and to be our own unique selves with our unique pasts, struggles, and talents. We will need your grace and loving appreciation.

6. Come to the sports events.

It sure means a lot to have people cheer for us by name! Your support speaks so much to us. Your presence also allows us to know you and be known by you. That is a special thing.

7. Connect one-on-one with us.

If there’s a student you connect to or that God has placed on your heart, take an opportunity to treat him/her! Invite him/her over for ice cream or coffee. Host that student over Dorm Weekend Out. Intentionally get to know these kids. They need mentors and friends. Don’t feel the need to be perfect for this. Most times, we just want to know that someone cares to walk with us.

8. Invite us over to tour your ranch, farm, quilting room, etc

Most of the dorm students come from far away and do not know a lot about Montana culture. While the students could teach you something new (#5), you also have something you could teach them. Understanding Montana and American culture will help them integrate and make connections better when they are away from LCHS.

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