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Dorm Life

The dormitory exists to provide a nurturing, Christian environment for boarding students attending Lustre Christian High School. The Dorm Staff strive to encourage the students in spiritual, academic, and overall growth in the context of a quality, family-style environment. LCHS accepts applications from both American and International students. The LCHS dorm is a unique situation to meet students from other cultures and situations

Dorm Features

The dorm features a boy’s wing, girl’s wing, and gathering room where boys and girls can mingle under the supervision of dorm staff.  Students can be found in the Gathering Room during their free hours playing games, availing the internet and watching movies. A galley kitchenette provides full service access to appliances and personal food preparation.  Each dorm wing boasts a common room where students can relax among the same gender or study with classmates.

Dormitory bedrooms are outfitted for two students with twin/single size beds, bedside tables, closet space, dresser space, built-in desks with bookshelves and a chair.  Boarding students are responsible to provide all their own personal effects needed.

One common use bathroom is located on each floor of the dorm.  Self-serve laundry is available free of charge in each wing. Students are responsible for house cleaning each week, including personal and common areas.

Dorm Staff love, counsel, discipline and guide the students by helping with homework, monitoring behavior, providing a safe environment, planning activities and teaching basic life skills.  Communicating regularly with parents/guardians, as well as the teachers, allows the staff to assist families in making LCHS a positive home-away-from-home experience.  It is the mission of the staff to see each student grow in personal responsibility, overall maturity and spiritual development.

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