Athletics FAQs

What requirements are there to participate in sports?2018-08-24T10:22:30-06:00

Any student who maintains a 2.0 or higher GPA is welcome to play sports. All teams accept walk-on players. Teams may use non-players for stats and manager positions. Athletes must comply with the LCHS code of conduct.

What expenses are involved?2018-07-24T11:55:20-06:00

Players are responsible to buy his/her game warm-up, personalized with his/her last name. Since we travel long distances for district games, a meal allowance is recommended.

What sports can I participate in?2018-07-24T11:54:11-06:00

LCHS currently has teams in girls volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball and co-ed track & field.

Is transportation to games and practices provided?2018-07-24T11:53:20-06:00

Students are responsible for transportation to and from practices. Transportation on game days is provided by the school.

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