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Step 1: Complete Application
Step 2: Submit Application
Step 3: Application is Reviewed
Step 4: Remit Payment

Step One: Complete Application

Download and complete the relevant Application and Financial Agreement below. For non-citizens, use the International Application.

Step Two: Submit Application

Send the application forms to LCHS either by mail, fax, or e-mail using the following addresses and numbers.

Mailing Address

4 Lustre High Cir
Lustre, MT 59225



(406) 392-5765

Step Three: Application Review

The admissions committee will review your application, and in the case of a potential dorm student, the dorm parents and dorm committee will review the application as well.

Step Four: Remit Payment

Initial payment is submitted as per the Financial Agreement. The first payment is due by August 1st or upon or before the first day of enrollment if enrolling at a later semester. Monthly payments are from August 1st through April 1st.

Boarding students must send an additional non-refundable $200 to hold a room opening for them until the beginning of the semester. This will then be applied to their room and board.

The costs are kept as low as possible to be consistent with responsible operations.  The tuition payment covers only 1/10th of your student’s education.  It is through the additional prayerful and sacrificial giving by yourself and others that we are able to maintain the operation of our school.