Thank you for your interest in applying to LCHS! Below is an overview of the process and a link to begin your application.

Step 1. Complete & Submit Preliminary Application Online

Your application will take around one to two hours, and you may save at any point and return later.

Step 2: Application Reviewed & Guardian Notified of Decision

Once your application has been reviewed by the admissions staff, you will be notified of their decision, and communicated the next steps.

Step 3: Approved Applicant Completes Additional Forms (medical information, etc)

There are additional forms that may be required based on your student’s application. These forms will be sent to you electronically to complete and sign.

Step 4: Final Acceptance Notification & Payment Schedule

Once all the necessary forms have been submitted, a payment may be due based upon the payment schedule you have requested. Your student is then eligible to attend LCHS, and final arrangements for transportation (if necessary) will be made.

Apply Online

Save at any time and come back later. Enroll online today!