What is the LCHS Foundation?
Lustre Christian High School has served northeast Montana as an accredited High School and Christian Boarding School for many years. Many hours of volunteer community labor and tremendous amounts of financial resources have been donated throughout the years for the continuation and improvement of the school. The LCHS Foundation is one more avenue that donors may use to give to LCHS.

Who are the “Heritage Builders”?
Anyone desiring to leave a lasting impression of their ultimate values and wish to support the Christian education of our youth through including LCHS Foundation in their planned giving is a “Heritage Builder”.

Why are these gifts important to LCHS?
As our youth become tomorrow’s leaders the gifts you send to LCHS Foundation will have provided the Christian foundation upon which they will lead the rest of the world. Your gifts will make providing an affordable Christian education for today’s youth not only possible today but for the future as well.

What kinds of gifts qualify?
Ordinary gifts such as cash designated for the Endowment Fund or the General Fund are always accepted. Planned gifts are also essential to the LCHS Foundation. Examples of planned gifts include provisions in your will, gifting insurance or stocks, or creating an annuity or trust with the LCHS Foundation listed as the beneficiary.

How will my gifts be used?
Undesignated gifts will be used by the Foundation to support LCHS in its efforts to provide affordable Christian education. Throughout the years your gifts may provide any number of benefits to the school such as capital improvements, new facilities, special projects, scholarship programs, new curriculum, or ongoing support of the everyday functions of LCHS. The Foundation board will continually be analyzing and prioritizing needs in all different areas.

How do I get help in setting up a planned gift?
The responsibility we have to God and our family merits the expertise of an attorney or professional person familiar with the laws of estate planning. Arrangements for professional stewardship counseling can be made through the LCHS Foundation. The counseling will provide comprehensive guidance in establishing your goals with planned giving.

How may I share?
If you would like professional help or would like to further discuss planned giving with us, please print out and complete the text file and mail it to the LCHS Foundation. If you have already made a provision for LCHS Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know.