What is LCHS?

Lustre Christian High School is a unique educational institution because it serves as both a Christian high school for the community and as a qualified Christian boarding school. LCHS is equipped to meet the needs of most high school students and is accredited by the state of Montana. Its very rural location gives the students a unique opportunity to attend school free from distractions that many other schools or locations offer. LCHS offers a strong, basic, high school program in a safe environment. Qualified, state-certified teachers are employed to serve the educational needs of all our students. Our teachers also have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and seek to embody the spirit of their faith into their instruction.

Where Is It?

Lustre Christian High is located in northeast Montana about 35 miles northwest of Wolf Point and 55 miles northeast of Glasgow. The school is the center of the Lustre community, sponsoring many community and school events. Airline and rail services are available to either Glasgow or Wolf Point.

What Does It Look Like?

Lustre Christian High Shcool has a modern school facility that was remodeled in 1990. The school building contains eight classroom including a science lab, computer lab, and library. The building also has a cafeteria, assembly room, and regulation size gym.

What Is The Mission Statement of LCHS?

The purpose of Lustre Christian High School is to provide a quality Christian Education that emphasizes strong Christian values, high educational standards, and well balanced student activities. The goal of LCHS isn’t to produce a finished product, but rather to inspire and prepare young people to “press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Through Bible, Math, Science, English, History, Computers, Physical Education, Journalism, Drama, Athletics, Outreaches and extra-curricular activities, Lustre Christian High School works to mold students who are equipped to leave high school with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual commitment that will help them meet the future that lies ahead of them. Whatever it is that we are doing, whether it is academics, sports, or student activities, we strive to make “Christ pre-eminent in all things.” (Colossians 1:18) With God’s word and his direction as our guide we believe that with a Christian Education you can not go wrong!

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