Lions Den Gym Floor Fundraiser!



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LCHS is in need of a new gym floor.  The LCHS board has made the decision to purchase a new gym floor and is asking the alumni, former staff, and other faithful donors that have many fond memories in the Lions’ Den to help donate to the cause.  The main reason a new floor is needed is because the existing floor has outlived its design life of 10 years.  It is now going on its 43rd year.  The surface is beginning to bubble and crack and the board feels it is time to replace the floor.  (See below for more history of the existing floor.)  It has been decided that a new wood floor will be installed.  We are asking for your help in this important project that the students and entire community will be able to utilize for decades to come.  The new floor will cost $81,000.  This is an offseason price which saves us over 20% because we are planning on doing this project in the fall to avoid the floor installers busy time in the summer.  The school has $12,500 in a designated savings fund currently and the LCHS Foundation has agreed to give us a substantial gift of $30,000 to get this project going!  Our goal is to raise another $40,000 to pay for the rest of the floor installation and to be able to pay for the second finish coat 6 months after installation.  Will you consider supporting this project with a yearend tax-deductible gift to LCHS?  A plaque will be placed at the entry of the gym with different tiers showing people’s generous support.  The tiers will be as follows: Platinum ($5,000+), Gold ($1,000+), Silver ($500), and Bronze ($100).  In the coming days, we will be setting up a team challenge through the Alumni Facebook page that alumni and staff can donate towards.  We look forward to what the future holds for the school and making many more lasting memories in the Lions’ Den!

Floor History

Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time for everything, for everything there is a season.  The gym floor at LCHS has had many seasons played on it, many graduation tears shed on it and just as many Schmeckfest’s held on it.  How many you ask, well 43 years’ worth of memories both happy and sad.

In the fall of 1974, Lustre’s new gymnasium held its first event.  The original floor was a poured rubber surface.  At the time of installation, the school board was told to expect a ten year life span before having it resurfaced or replaced.  Since the floors inception it has gone through numerous stages, being sanded down and refinished twice. One of these times was in the early nineties because the school’s custodial supply company recommended a finish called Iron Coat be applied instead of wax.  This treatment made the floor lose its elasticity and made it slick.  Since it was definitely an iron coat, there wasn’t a floor stripper that would touch it, thus it was sanded and painted.  With that refinish wearing thin it was again refinished in 2002.  That finish is now in need of attention again.  But the rubberized floor is starting to separate from the concrete in three areas.  Safety has become an issue as these areas are in themselves cracking which will result in areas coming completely apart.  The school and community have done a great job of keeping the projected life of ten years last for forty three years.